Detective John Hobbes attends the execution of a serial killer he arrested, Edgar Reese. They have a private chat where Reese gives him a riddle of sorts and then speaks in a strange language. The riddle leads him to a once decorated policeman who one day went to his cottage in the woods and killed himself. It was never explained why but when Hobbes looks around the now decrepit cottage he finds that the man had scribbled the name Azazel on the wall. Hobbes soon learns that Azazel is an evil spirit who can transfer itself from one person to another through touch. As Hobbes comes to realize the extent Azazel is responsible for much of the evil around him he also realizes that Azazel is after him.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime, Mystery

Actor: John Goodman, Denzel Washington, Donald Sutherland

Director: Gregory Hoblit

Country: United States

Duration: 124 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1998

IMDb: 7