Every Time We Say Goodbye

As David, an American who is enlisted in the British Royal Air Force, recuperates for a war injury, he winds up getting to know a reserved sephardic Spaniard named Sarah and they eventually fall in love. The dilemma is that Sarah's family is extremely controlling and requires that all family members marry only Jews. David and Sarah's love becomes so full of passion that Sarah will escape from her home going down a sheet rope from her bedroom balcony to be with David before he goes back to serving in the war. She makes David promise never to see her again once he leaves for duty and so they have their last exchange of love and passion as a goodbye. Now, the question is will they ever meet again? Its like a Romeo and Juliet kind of story. Will her family really keep her from reuniting with David after the war, if he winds up coming back in spite of the promise to never reunite? Love is the fire that makes life full of great spirit. Long live "El Amor". This story touches on the life of the sephardic jew culture and the use of the old Spanish language from Spain called "Ladino".

Duration: 98 min

Quality: SD

Release: 1986

IMDb: 5.9